Charlie El Awbery

About me

I'm an entrepreneur and founder. I build adaptable, flexible project systems, and train others in kind, competent leadership.

On this site I write about STEM learning and tech. I geek out about Vajrayana Buddhism and meditation systems at VajrayanaNow. In my twenties I worked with street kids in Zimbabwe, on a sanitation project in Soweto, securing water access for isolated communities in Lesotho, and land rights for forest dwellers in Bihar, India. Then I built a UK supported employment track for psychiatric service users. It worked. I moved to Amnesty International as their first program director for Wales during the transfer of power from the UK Parliament to the Welsh National Assembly.

I like to understand how things work, including the world, so I studied international diplomacy, economics, anthropology, and the history of European and Chinese economic divergence. I wrote a couple of excellent, boring theses on land rights and market reform in Bhutan and on technological development in India and China.

MSc China in comparative perspective International diplomacy Metasystematic project manager Autistic leader



Python, Scheme HTML, CSS, JS Visual Studio Code, Spyder, DrRacket SQL, MAMP, phpMyAdmin (MySQL) Django bash, git CLI, GitHub ssh, cPanel




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