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Charlie Eleanor Awbery White



MSc China in Comparative Perspective, London School of Economics 2009.
Awarded the LSE Fei Xiaotong prize for my thesis on China's technological R&D, an analysis of statistical data in light of national policies and their impact on tech industry development in China and India.
MA General diplomatic studies and practice, distinction, SOAS, University of London, 2007.
SOAS thesis: on de facto property rights as obstacles to economic development of participatory market systems in Bhutan.
National Leadership Training graduate, UK Common Purpose, 2002.
BA, English Language and Literature, Reading University, 1990.


Analyst, Bismarck Analysis, April 2020 - current.
Program Director, Wales, Amnesty International UK, 2002 - 2006.
Area Fundraising Manager, Cancer Research UK, 2001 - 2002.
Founder and Coordinator, Mind Works Cardiff, 1998 - 2001.
International and UK non-profit organizations, 1990 - 2001.

Technical Skills

Languages: Python, Scheme, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS.
Tools: Visual Studio Code, Spyder, DrRacket, git CLI, github, MAMP, phpMyAdmin (MySQL), Django.
Python libraries: PyLab, Jinja2, Beautiful Soup, mysql, requests, http, regex, Hypothesis.
Certified MIT EdExcel online courses:
- 6.00.1x, Introduction to CS and programming in Python (98% score)
- 6.00.2x, Introduction to computational thinking and data science (95%)
Certified Stanford University online course (100% score):
- Divide and conquer, sorting and searching, and randomized algorithms.
Built a Flask-like MVC web framework from scratch to understand the principles of web development. Built the framework components one level above raw socket connection, replacing each step of the process with an off-the-shelf product after understanding the principles and function of that component.

Professional experience

Team builder and leader

Amnesty International’s first Program Director for Wales: established a new national branch, systematizing procedures for political liaison during the transfer of power from the UK Parliament to the Welsh National Assembly.
Founded a supported employment project, Mind Works, based on my own original field research on the employment needs of mental health service users in Wales. Mind Works was highly regarded in the UK as a supported employment model. It had a >70% success rate of beneficiaries accessing and maintaining employment for over six months.

Operational and financial management

Oversaw all Wales’ expenditure, Amnesty International.
Fundraising manager, Wales and South West, Cancer Research UK, covered a region with an income stream over £2 million.
Raised small project funding, £250k over three years for Mind Works.
Implemented new financial and organizational systems, Mind Works and Amnesty.
Set up monitoring, evaluation and review processes, Mind works and Amnesty.

Public representation

Trained for high profile, national media representation: regular TV and radio interviews in Welsh and English, Amnesty International.
Annual conference organizer for Wales, Amnesty International.
Speaking and presentation at conferences, panels, debates, etc.
Founder, trustee, treasurer or board member for 9 national non-profit organizations over 10 years.

International development

International development positions in India, Africa and the Middle East.
Experience working with communities to build trust in systems, transitioning from limited production and transaction channels to national market access and standards.

Team Skills

Proud of having created and contributed to optimistic, positive organizational cultures.
Worked with colleagues both in close-knit, on site teams and as a remotely connected Nations and Regions team member.
Enthusiastic problem solver, familiar with brain-storming sessions, co-creative solution finding (my project Mind Works developed out of this kind of collaborative work).
Mature one-on-one skills from training in social work, psychotherapy and line management.
Organized regular supervision and check-in sessions with contributors, with a strong emphasis on establishing creative, competent, flexible, effective and happy working relationships.
Specialized in group facilitation: created various training courses and ran them, then trained the trainers.
DM @_awbery_ on Twitter. References available on request.